“The Norm”

Health studies suggest that the body has a set point when it comes to weight. It’s as though it remembers the weight it’s been for a period of time, a state it considers to be “the norm”. In an attempt to lose or gain weight, the body makes every effort to get back to the state it was at. For e.g. In someone who is overweight, their body is used to receiving a certain amount of kilojoules (KJ) a day, when the KJ takes a cut, the body’s metabolism will alter in hopes to keep its habitual state. It does this through changes in our hormones, how sneaky!

Ghrelin is the main offender when it comes to weight loss; its role is to store fat so that in times of famine the body can survive. It activates the appetite and is secreted when the body is not receiving the KJ it is used to receiving, which is why those who lose weight often struggle to keep it off.

On a side note, apparently ghrelin is lower in those that get a good night’s sleep, so if weight gain and sleep are an issue for you, try getting into a better sleep routine (easy said, right?).

So basically, if you’ve been the same weight for a long period of time, your body will fight to keep you at that weight. So for those wanting to reach a healthy weight, don’t give up!

As always, short but sweet.

Xo Blondie

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