Breaking the myth of caffeine causing dehydration

Confession time, I actually struggle to drink a lot of water. I’m not the type of girl that carries a water bottle with me everywhere I go, although this is a goal, I do want to be one of those girls! The photo you see here, that’s not the real me, I should really be holding a mug as you’re more likely to see me sipping on a coffee or a cup of tea.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been told many times that I shouldn’t drink coffee. “Why not just have a glass of water?” they say, clearly from someone who doesn’t love the taste of coffee the way a lot of us do. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink water and get in as many glasses a day as I feel my body needs, but I do prefer my hot beverages.

I was surprised last night to find out that these hot beverages count towards my daily water intake, and that I am getting plenty of fluids in these. It also broke the myth on caffeine causing dehydration. Yes, drinking coffee may not dehydrate you as much as you have been told! Apparently, the water loss for caffeine is only 1.1mL to every milligram of caffeine. So for example, if you have one serve of instant coffee (around 80mg of caffeine) in 250mL of water, your overall water loss will be 88mL, leaving you with 162mL of water for your body. So yes, you do lose water but not enough to put your fluid balance in the negative. Note – this is for those that have more fluid than they do caffeine. Milk also contains 90% water, so those who love a milky coffee are ok too!

A cool fact for today – your water intake should equal approximately 4% of your total body weight, more if you’re perspiring (exercising or running a fever). This intake includes water from the foods you eat (approx. 20%).

To all the coffee lovers, you’re welcome 😉

Xo Blondie


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