Is good bacteria really good?

Well if it stops the body from bleeding to death, I’d say most definitely!

I’m continuing to be amazed at how important vitamins are for the body. Take vitamin K for example; did you know that without it our blood wouldn’t clot? That’s right, this awesome vitamin is essential in activating several proteins that stop our body from haemorrhaging.

So what does good bacteria have to do with it? Well, vitamin K doesn’t have to completely come from the foods we eat; the bacteria in our gut can create it for the body to absorb. This is also why it’s encouraged to give to new-born babies, because it takes a couple of weeks for their brand new little body to build up enough bacteria in their GI tract to create vitamin K.

As for vitamin K in foods, this can be found primarily in dark leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, fruits such as kiwi and the delicious avocado, as well as some vegetable oils like soybean oil (I’ve never tried it, have you?).

Need a quick vitamin K recipe? Easy, avocado and spinach on toast!!

Short and sweet as always 😉

Xo Blondie

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