Please don’t take my sunshine away

Our sun is where 80% of the body’s vitamin D comes from. Just five to 10 minutes in the midday sun most days of the week helps the body to maintain sufficient vitamin D nutrition. The time of exposure also depends on the colour tone of your skin, for e.g. light skin tones require more sunlight than those with darker skin tones.

What does vitamin D do for the body? It increases bone density, a co-worker with calcium making the body’s bones stronger. It helps children to develop without skeletal abnormalities and prevents issues like osteoporosis in adults.

A fun fact for those living in Tasmania and the South Island of New Zealand – Vitamin D synthesis basically stops during the winter season. So where else can we get our vitamin D? In the diet this can be sourced from fatty fish (like salmon), eggs, veal, beef, liver and some fortified products.

A vegan diet is at risk of vitamin D deficiency because this vitamin comes from animal products, so fortification or supplementation may be required. Vegetarian diets that don’t have milk may also want to seek fortified products to help maintain adequate vitamin D levels.

That’s me for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed gaining a little more knowledge 😉

Xo Blondie

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