The sexy Vitamin, Vitamin A

Until tonight, I didn’t know that Vitamin A plays a role in reproduction. That’s right, for men it helps develop sperm, and for woman it supports normal development of the baby during pregnancy. I’ve got your attention now!

Vitamin A is also handy for a few other reasons too. It helps us to see (yes, mum was right about those carrots) & we need it to maintain healthy skin.  It also assists in bone growth, so it’s super important for our little ones to have an adequate amount.

Are you getting enough Vitamin A? The answer is probably yes as most of us eat such a variety of foods that contain this awesome vitamin. No need for supplements as this can cause toxicity, but just make sure you’re eating your orange veg (especially sweet potato) as well as foods like liver, fish, milk, butter and eggs.

That’s my little fact filled post for today!

If you want to know more, like the daily intake amounts your body needs or foods containing Vitamin A etc., please comment on this post.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Vitamin D!

Xo Blondie.

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